Sustainable Furniture Council

French Heritage is a founding Member of the Sustainable Furniture Council. We are committed to ethical business practices and promoting furniture manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The tradition of sustainability has always been part of the French history. Since the time of the Kings, French forests have always been managed. Every time a tree was cut, another was replanted and this tradition goes on today.

Our commitment encompasses all facets of manufacturing: from the procurement of sustainable lumber to the disposition of finishing materials as well as diminishing the impact of packaging by using “blanket wrap” type transportation whenever feasible as and proper recycling of packaging materials.

We also encourage Consumers and Suppliers to work towards better environmental practices and gradually improve our entire individual “carbon footprint”.

In addition, we make sure that all our employees are paid a fair wage, have medical insurance coverage and are treated with respect. There is no child labor ever used in any product we sell.