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Behind the Scenes: French Heritage Mosaics


Take a look behind the scenes at our Indonesian factory where all of our mosaics are hand-laid (photos above). Entering the space you'll find our talented artisans silently immersed in their work, boxes filled with tiny pieces of glass in all colors cover their work tables. The mood is remarkably peaceful and calm as the artisans delicately lay each tiny piece of glass into place by hand. Just one of our small mosaic tables will take three artisans up to two or three weeks to complete. The finished mosaics are incredibly intricate works of art that glimmer when they catch light.

In our collection of mosaics you will find a few permanent designs but a mosaic can also be made from any pattern, picture or design. We can take a piece of fabric or a photograph and have a custom mosaic made just for you. Contact us if you have any questions about a custom mosaic, these pieces can make very personal and thoughtful gifts. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and more. French Heritage currently offers mosaic consoles, dining tables, accent tables, cocktail tables, and wall art. View more on our shop page by searching 'mosaic'!

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