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Get Organized with Functional Furniture


One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to get organized. Although some of us might love a good "organized chaos", cluttered and messy spaces can bring more negativity into our lives than we expect. Disorganized spaces can perpetuate stress, conflict with house mates, and waste valuable time. We know the task of getting organized can be daunting, but functional furniture with lots of storage can make it easier. This doesn't mean function has to compromise design; these elegant pieces are cleverly designed to optimize space or conceal your belongings for a clean and polished look.

French Heritage Bercy Classic Custom Library
Built in units maximize space, especially in smaller homes. This Neoclassical library unit with multiple architectural elements is not only stunning and functional but also highly customizable. It is available in any size but also in various wood species and finishes. The options are endless; you can have the library you've always wanted. Actor Johnny Depp has his very own custom Bercy Library in his Florida home.

French Heritage Bizet Chest
Bring Parisian glamour to life with this antique but elegant looking Bombe Chest boasting with curvaceous lines. Two small drawers hidden behind the doors offers additional storage space.

French Heritage Gourmet Kitchen Island
Make any home a castle with this gourmet kitchen organizer. Painted finishes highlight beautiful wood, with plenty of storage, marble and cutting board too!

French Heritage Storage Unit
Our clean, scholarly and attractive units bring a tailored order and classic well bred finesse to your den, library or study. This multipurpose unit can also be used to store your personal wine collection.

French Heritage Storage Bookcase
Square and vertical cubbies neatly house periodicals, books, and objects while ample hanging files are hidden behind the decorative drawer panel.

French Heritage Avrille Sideboard
This piece of contemporary art would be at home in a museum. If you are missing cabinet space in your kitchen, open its panel doors and you'll discover a buffet too practical not to use.

French Heritage Montesson Bookcase
A dozen drawers and a double shelf add up to abundant storage in a compact space. Combine it with the Aramis Bookcase for plenty of extra storage space.

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