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Dear Friends of French Heritage and the Wayser Family,

As we start this New Year 2017 we wanted to let you know about our daughter Sydney Wayser's music career. Her stage name is CLARA-NOVA and a couple of years ago, a large music label came to her to "sign her up". She had already done three self-produced albums under the Sydney Wayser name but it was time for her to get with a label to step up to the next stage of her career. All first music contracts are very one sided and there was not much she could do but sign it. It was done with a subsidiary of that "famous" record label and after a while, that subsidiary got spun off and unfortunately that spun off did not turn out too good without the umbrella of the larger music company.

That left our Sydney aka CLARA-NOVA stuck in in "no-man's land" for over a year with a full album beautifully recorded but not released to the public and nothing she could do except get into what would have been a long winded and extremely expensive legal battle. That is not something you want to do when you are an artist at your prime years of singing and writing.

To make the story short(er), it took her over a year for her to just get the right to separate from that idle subsidiary and get her stage name back. What she could not get back was her master recording tapes. So, being born in an entrepreneurial family like ours, she endeavored to start recording again and what she is doing is great. You can get a taste of a live session of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tik8JqwTFu4

And what we are kindly asking you to consider is to make a pledge ($10, $25, small or otherwise) to pre-order her album via PledgeMusic with the following link:

If you like music, young talented artists and the pursuit of "what you are meant to do with your life", please spread this message to friends via email, social media etc.

You'll find a lot of information about Sydney/ CLARA-NOVA on Google and YouTube as well.
We are very proud of her dedication to her music and we thank you very much for your consideration and look forward to an exciting 2017!


Henessy & Jacques Wayser
French Heritage, Inc.

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