To complement and accentuate our quality wood products we created Salon Upholstery. Luxury, comfort and style are the building blocks of Salon, while fabrics and color give flair and fashion to home decor. Salon is handcrafted in North Carolina from only the finest quality materials using the highest standard of bench made techniques. Down cushions and fashionable fabrics are combined with this personal care to produce the ultimate comfort of each piece. Attention to detail and quality create a luxury that is tangible as well as visible. Unique and slightly overscaled fully upholstered pieces, as well as, our exclusive exposed wood frame sofas, loveseats and chairs in custom finishes add just the right touch of grace, elegance or down home chic.

Salon benchmade upholstery features hardwood frames, quality fabrics, down seating and customizable sizes. Hand made in North Carolina. COM available.

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