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High Point October 2017 Market Recap!

High Point October 2017 Market Recap!

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French Heritage wants to thank everyone who stopped by our showroom to see all of our new pieces including ones from our first outdoor collection "Cyprus" and a few re-imagined pieces of from our "Facet" collaborative collection with designer Michelle Workman. As you can tell from the collage there was a lot of buzz about FH this market and we look forward to keeping the hype going over the next few months!

Below are the account links to pictures above!  

julie.talbert  |  jwayser  |  michelle_workman_home

amyflurry  |  nourison  |

nourison  |  traditionalhome  |  patina_furniture_decoration

dwayneclarkidmg  |  jwayser  |  frenchheritage

highpointmarket  |  clarahaneberg  |  michelle_workman_home

Thank you again to everyone who takes pride in being part of the French Heritage family!

What you missed during High Point Market Spring 2017

What you missed during High Point Market Spring 2017

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Excitement abounded at the French Heritage showroom this market! Beyond over 30 new introductions to our Maison Collection, this market we unveiled a showstopping new collaboration with renowned interior designer Michelle Workman. (Photos from the Roaring 20's Launch Party coming soon!) The Facet Collection by Michelle Workman is inspired by Hollywood Glam Deco, the exquisite forms resonate with bold contemporary appeal that is at once timeless and of-the-moment. The collection of 45 pieces includes casegoods, upholstery and occasional pieces for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and office. The casegoods and upholstered silhouettes are an eye-catching mix of clean lines emphasized by a heady selection of hand rubbed exotic woods. Brass, copper and chrome accents intertwine with pastel lacquers, textural fabrics and faux Shagreen leathers in an array of colorways and rich hues.

Highlights from Facet Collection:

Highball Bar, M-1659-102-MMBR
The height of sophistication our Highball Bar in Oak Burl (Midnight Lacquer) solid brass trim and custom hardware makes an impressive statement. Lighted mirror interior, with glass shelves, 2 brass buckets plus a convenient pull out for more space make this piece perfect for all your entertaining.  Dimensions: 42W x 72H x 17D

Rob Roy Coffee Table, M-1640-102-ZLGD
Rob Roy Coffee Table is a perfect circle accentuated with pie wedged Zebra wood veneer, in dark or light stain, stands stately on its gold leaf metal top.  Dimensions: 40W x 18H x 40D

Mai Tai Entry Console, M-1644-701-MMGD
The delightful Mai Tai Entry Table with its cascading form of Mahogany and gold trim as well as a gold leaf top and base, is definitely a show stopper. Dimensions: 30W x 32H x 18D

Sazerac Desk, M-1645-101-ZWDS
Clean and elegant the Sazerac Desk in Dark Zebrawood and Silver, accented with plexiglass handles makes a contemporary statement for any room. Also, available in Light Zebrawood and Gold. Dimensions: 54W x 30H x 27D

Daiquiri Table, M-1620-101-GLD-BLU
The Daiquiri Dining Table Base is the top of its class. This Cool and Crisp table base in gold leaf, inspired from the classic Art Deco period is reflected in the cool blue rectangular glass table top. Dimensions: 90W x 30H x 40D

Tom Collins Dining Chair, M-1628-1101-ZDEB
Tailored and smart with a dark Zebrawood veneer back and expert upholstery treatment our Tom Collins Dining Chair is the perfect seating to complement our Daiquiri Table. Dimensions:18W x 34H x 22D

Fitzgerald Credenza, A-1621-802
The Fitzgerald Cabinet with its Herringbone design created with contrasting Zebrawood, cherry wood veneer and Bi-Fold door-bar pull out makes a starring statement for entry or dining room. Also, available in a double pair of doors. Dimensions: 78W x 32H x 20D

Kir Royale, M-1621-1401-MSEC
The Kir Royale Cabinet is a curvaceous form loaded with character and visual appeal scaled to easily fit within the most intimate of dining spaces. A top of solid softly honed granite, solid brass feet and hardware creates dramatic contrast to the faux diamond patterned Blue Shagreen with contrasting interior lacquer. Dimensions: 54W x 37H x 20D

Please contact Denis Crnojevic at or call 800.245.0899 to find your local representative for French Heritage including Facet Collection. Designers can login/register here to view the entire line and more information about the collections. To view all of the latest introductions to French Heritage collections please visit our Shop page.

A special thank you to Traditional Home, Editor at Large and Dwayne Clarke IDMG for their support, as well as our product partners Nourison, Fromental, Crystorama, Pyar & Co., and Kravet for helping us make the French Heritage showroom even more beautiful.

Special Preview of Facet Collection

Special Preview of Facet Collection

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The Facet Collection by Michelle Workman is inspired by Hollywood Glam Deco, the exquisite forms resonating with bold contemporary appeal that is at once timeless and of-the-moment.  The casegoods and upholstered silhouettes are an eye-catching mix of clean lines emphasized by a heady selection of hand rubbed exotic woods. Brass, copper and chrome accents intertwine with pastel lacquers, textural fabrics and faux Shagreen leathers in an array of colorways and rich hues. Stop by and see hour new pieces and also enjoy:

Daily Decadent Culinary Delights
Breakfast 8-11am | Lunch 12-2:30pm
Prohibition Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvre  4:30-7pm

Showroom open early: 
Thursday April 20th from 8am-7pm.  
1638 English Road, High Point, NC, 27262


Michelle Workman on Episode 389 of Million Dollar Decorating Podcast

Michelle Workman on Episode 389 of Million Dollar Decorating Podcast

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Hear Michelle Workman talk about her design beginnings, the inspiration behind her new collection with French Heritage, and much more on Episode 389 of the Million Dollar Decorating podcast hosted by James Swan! Listen now

French Heritage Snapshot of the Month: February 2017

French Heritage Snapshot of the Month: February 2017

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If you haven't been following up with us on our social media -- here is what you missed this month! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest for up to the minute news, exclusive sales, announcements, launch previews, design tips and so much more. À bientôt!

Michelle Workman Biography

Michelle Workman Biography

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As one of the nation's most sought-after interior designers, Michelle Workman has designed hih-end residential and commercial spaces from West Coast to East Coast, to most recently in the South. Michelle possesses an esteemed and influential client roster, from the Hollywood elite such as Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta and Topher Grace, to Silicon Valley executives and entrepreneurs, to Manhattan philanthropists, to individual homeowners who desire elegantly glamorous trend-setting design.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Michelle's penchant for the craft was almost immediately apparent. Some of her fondest childhood memories were of her mother chauffeuring her about the neighborhoods to take in the endless array of visually arresting homes.

Described by those who know her as an "easygoing perfectionist," Michelle's philosophy is that interior design should embody the spirit and architectural style of the individual whose home is being transformed - literally, a physical manifestation of the client's most inherent attributes. It's Michelle's intention that the outcome of her efforts say of her client, loudly and very clearly, "This is who I am!".

Showing their personality through their home. The home should be a sanctuary and gathering place. It should represent the people who live there not the designer. Balance is created by mixing styles and periods, old and new, pattern and texture. Create balance with disparate elements resulting in an intensely personal a home that’s very personal and curated.

Though Michelle relishes in what she calls "the hunt," that is evaluating each and every element to ensure the perfect fabric or furniture fit, the true pièce de résistance is when her client walks in the room for the first time to view the final product and is floored by what they find. A typical comment from her clients is that she has captured their style without their having even known what it was, which is a remarkable feat in itself - and one not to be underestimated.

On the subject of trends, Michelle has firm feelings: "They have their place. I think it's important to remain aware of them and utilize what aspects you deem appropriate, but to me it's just as important not to follow them. After all, that's what makes you a trendsetter."

Michelle's engaging personality, calming demeanor and exquisite attention-to-detail continually instill confidence in her clients as she brings into being for them their one-of-a-kind dream home. These qualities, along with Michelle's professional discretion, have made her one of the top interior-designing choices for celebrities and other high-profile individuals alike.

Featured Designer: Irena Barene

Featured Designer: Irena Barene

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We are starting a new series where we have a featured designer of the month. We were lucky enough to start this off with the wonderful and talented Irena Barene!

1.When did you know that you wanted to choose designing as a career path?

It was 25 years ago when I made a project and coordinated the construction of my own Chalet style house. Building photos and articles about the project were in all major interior and design magazines. 

2.Can you remember your first design project? Describe it for us.

It was architect and design project of a 680 square meter Provence style house in in Moscow suburbs. Light sunny French interior in Gustav III style with Boho chic elements. One of my most famous projects which was named Madlen after my French grandmother. It gained wide recognition and was published in all major design magazines.

3.What inspires you the most when designing?

The family history if one exists. If not I create a Legend, trying to combine the customers' family history with some ideal dream or common values with some unique features. Another huge inspiration for me is nature and the aura of a setting.

4. What is the most important art principle you consider when designing a space? (Balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, rhythm, or harmony)

Harmony, balance, proportion are important of course but in my opinion thirst for perfection in the creative process is free of conventionalism which allows to save sensuality, soul openness and perception clarity.

The main task for me while creating the interior is to make all details start "talking" in the language of the owners, to combine different details and nuances in one unique composition. To find exact and charming intonation for every single peace, so that emotions, thoughts and feelings would interact in perfect harmony.

5. What has remained unchanged in your creative approach and what has changed the most since beginning?

All my interiors are signature ones. These are all handmade projects.  And I never repeated any of my interiors in other projects.

I started with Chalet style both in architecture and design. Now I do a lot of projects in French classic style. My favorite is Louis XV regional.

All my interiors are full of warmth and cosines. I call them House with soul.

6. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your career and what did you learn from it?

Working on design project without contacting the customer. I had to learn the tastes and style preferences of the customer by pictures and information in social networks. A big number of interior color schemes was created, one of which was accepted and successfully implemented.

7. what are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

At the moment I am working on a book called "Chateau style autograph". It's 350 pages will contain a lot of pictures and be published in three languages: Russian, English and French.  This book will reflect a lot of my oeuvre in Chateau style.

I am also planning to give some lectures and classes on history of French interior styles and French furniture styles of XVII-XIX centuries.

8. What sets you apart from other designers?

For years of work I've created my own style, which is recognizable, it is my artistic images that are based on my feelings and world perception.  It is my view as an artist and professional on interior and architecture, and this makes it unique, unrepeatable, and as I do hope, interesting.

I create interiors that never go out of fashion. That are equally accepted no matter if they are modern elements of house design with favorite items and souvenirs brought from other countries or they are elements of luxurious high styles with unique family and antique items.

I create collections of my signature furniture under the brand name Irena Barene collection.

9. Obviously you have looked globally for styles when designing, how have different cultures affected your designing process?

Classic style would be impossible to imagine without national styles of European countries which undoubtedly form the common understanding of traditional classic style. While being at the core, it still inspires designers to create their own unique styles, new collections of furniture and decorative pieces.

I admire its beauty and elegance, equally finding inspiration in French, English, Italian and Russian classic styles, emphasizing their unlikeness and even contradiction.

Subtle perception of decorative items handmade in elegant European stylistic is a signature mark of all my interiors. Every designer's project is first of all a memorable image of a particular geographic place on Earth with art being the main instrument in creating it. Cultural traditions of different countries are very rich and variable. Ceramic and carving, splendid antique pieces of art, mosaics and stained-glass windows, tapestry, mirrors, items from amber, glass and crystal, hand weaving and rugs, porcelain and earthenware...There is a huge choice of all these items for inspiration.

All these elements and textures can be seen in my interiors. But important thing is not only to find them but to combine, and to combine them in a way that the aura of the house would protect its inhabitants from all misfortunes and give them love, peace, comfort and a joy of coming back home.

10. What do you like to do when you aren’t designing?

Traveling - it is always source of inspiration and relaxation.

Museum, theaters, art exhibitions.

Reading, mostly historic literature.


Caribbean dances


11. What is your personal motto?

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger

12. What drew you to our pieces/ if you could describe our style in one word, what would it be and why? 

This word is Legend.

As I mentioned before I have a formula I use while working on my projects. Now it is a famous formula from Irene Barene: If the house doesn't have a Legend, it needs to be created and presented to the house. It will animate it and will protect all inhabitants, making them happy and prosperous.

French Heritage furniture, which is full of inner warmth and traditions, helps me to create my Legends, my houses, with soul.

"From Furniture to Food - Experience French Heritage"

"From Furniture to Food - Experience French Heritage"

Video and Article By Albert Maruggi

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"When it comes to doing it right, French Heritage combines furniture design, personality, and food to make a unique casual elegant experience. Just being in the showroom you can feel the joie de vivre of the French experience: the free flowing designs, colors, patterns and materials used in contemporary, exhilarating mix of styles at French Heritage."

"Owners Henessy and Jacques Wayser translated their many years living in France into their showroom located at 1638 English Road in High Point. During High Point Market you can get to the French Heritage showroom with the Go Anywhere Shuttle or call to request transportation in the French Heritage van 336.885-2868"

"The Wayser’s view of the French experience includes food, an element that all visitors appreciate and savor. They bring in a Le Cordon Bleu chef and impeccable ingredients to create memorable culinary treats. This is an experience like no other at High Point Market and clearly a stop for buyers to the Fall 2016 High Point Market."

A very special thank you to Albert Maruggi for his coverage of French Heritage during High Point Market. Follow Albert on Twitter @AlbertMaruggi

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Snapshot of the Month: May 2016

Snapshot of the Month: May 2016

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If you haven't been following up with us on our social media -- here is what you missed this month! Click each photo to view the original post. Leave us a comment or give us a like, we love hearing from you! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest if you want to see more.  À bientôt!





Behind the Scenes: French Heritage Mosaics

Behind the Scenes: French Heritage Mosaics

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Take a look behind the scenes at our Indonesian factory where all of our mosaics are hand-laid (photos above). Entering the space you'll find our talented artisans silently immersed in their work, boxes filled with tiny pieces of glass in all colors cover their work tables. The mood is remarkably peaceful and calm as the artisans delicately lay each tiny piece of glass into place by hand. Just one of our small mosaic tables will take three artisans up to two or three weeks to complete. The finished mosaics are incredibly intricate works of art that glimmer when they catch light.

In our collection of mosaics you will find a few permanent designs but a mosaic can also be made from any pattern, picture or design. We can take a piece of fabric or a photograph and have a custom mosaic made just for you. Contact us if you have any questions about a custom mosaic, these pieces can make very personal and thoughtful gifts. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries and more. French Heritage currently offers mosaic consoles, dining tables, accent tables, cocktail tables, and wall art. View more on our shop page by searching 'mosaic'!

#‎FrenchHeritage: Classic Coverings Design Studio

#‎FrenchHeritage: Classic Coverings Design Studio

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This gorgeous dining room designed by Classic Coverings Design Studio features our Cordoba Parquetry Dining Table. This parquetry top dining table gives an elegant french country experience to your home. With stone inlay top and the stylish trestle base, no detail is spared to show off your great taste!

Classic Coverings Interior Design, under the design leadership of owner Mary Conroy provides ideas, solutions and innovations that meet all your design needs. Mary has been successfully serving home owners in North Carolina for over 20 years.

We love seeing French Heritage in real homes. Tag us using #‎FrenchHeritage‬ to be featured! ‪

All photos courtesy of Classic Coverings Design Studio.

Snapshot of the Month: February 2016

Snapshot of the Month: February 2016

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If you haven't been following up with us on our social media -- here is what you missed this month! Click each photo to view the original post. Leave us a comment or give us a like, we love hearing from you! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest if you want to see more.  À bientôt!

Choosing The Perfect Home Bar

Choosing The Perfect Home Bar

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A home bar can elevate your space making it even more welcoming and glamorous. Most importantly at home you are in control of setting the vibe and your favorite drink is always on hand. Are you ready to dedicate a space in your home for entertaining friends and family? If so, then the size of your space is key in choosing the perfect bar pieces:

For Small Spaces

Portable cocktail stations such as serving carts make a perfect fit for smaller spaces. These options can be extremely versatile as they are easy to move around and store. Our Rhone Bar Cart features glass trays with mirror edges and a glamorous gold leaf finish on wrought iron. This piece is perfect for showcasing your liquor collection while casters on each leg give full mobility. Our Pomarde Wine Cooler has a rich black marble inset, a convenient drawer and low shelf, but it is the two built-in wine buckets that make this piece highly practical. More options: Bosquet Wine Caddy, Large Chantilly Wine Butler, La Coupole End Table.

For Medium Spaces

Liquor cabinets and trunk bars can be ideal for medium sized spaces as they offer significantly more storage than a serving cart while remaining relatively compact. Our Talon Bar opens up for a fully stocked bar with a wine rack and space to spare for mixing and serving drinks. Another piece in the same league is our Carbonne Bar which makes a luxurious statement with its leather crocodile finish. As for liquor cabinets, the inside lighting in our Vauvert Bar creates a sparkling reflection through its glass shelves and mirrored back. Best of all this piece is available in custom sizing to perfectly fit your storage needs.

For Larger Spaces

A larger space can accommodate a good sized bar such as our Bistro Bar. This piece was designed after a bar found in one of the famous Parisian "brasseries" at the end of the 19th century. It offers optimal serving space as well as storage for wine and liquor bottles. With its nice proportions it can be set in a living room where it will gracefully fulfill your entertainment needs. More options: Stand Up Bar De Bistro, Pyrenees Stand Up Bar, Pyrenees Island Bar.

Whichever size works best for you, make sure your new pieces complement the overall style of the space. Keep in mind that most of our collection is highly customizable! Join our online community by registering on our website and someone from our team will be happy to help you find the bar of your dreams. In the meantime, find even more options and inspiration by using the search words "wine" and "bar" on our online catalog.

Get Organized with Functional Furniture

Get Organized with Functional Furniture

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One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to get organized. Although some of us might love a good "organized chaos", cluttered and messy spaces can bring more negativity into our lives than we expect. Disorganized spaces can perpetuate stress, conflict with house mates, and waste valuable time. We know the task of getting organized can be daunting, but functional furniture with lots of storage can make it easier. This doesn't mean function has to compromise design; these elegant pieces are cleverly designed to optimize space or conceal your belongings for a clean and polished look.

French Heritage Bercy Classic Custom Library
Built in units maximize space, especially in smaller homes. This Neoclassical library unit with multiple architectural elements is not only stunning and functional but also highly customizable. It is available in any size but also in various wood species and finishes. The options are endless; you can have the library you've always wanted. Actor Johnny Depp has his very own custom Bercy Library in his Florida home.

French Heritage Bizet Chest
Bring Parisian glamour to life with this antique but elegant looking Bombe Chest boasting with curvaceous lines. Two small drawers hidden behind the doors offers additional storage space.

French Heritage Gourmet Kitchen Island
Make any home a castle with this gourmet kitchen organizer. Painted finishes highlight beautiful wood, with plenty of storage, marble and cutting board too!

French Heritage Storage Unit
Our clean, scholarly and attractive units bring a tailored order and classic well bred finesse to your den, library or study. This multipurpose unit can also be used to store your personal wine collection.

French Heritage Storage Bookcase
Square and vertical cubbies neatly house periodicals, books, and objects while ample hanging files are hidden behind the decorative drawer panel.

French Heritage Avrille Sideboard
This piece of contemporary art would be at home in a museum. If you are missing cabinet space in your kitchen, open its panel doors and you'll discover a buffet too practical not to use.

French Heritage Montesson Bookcase
A dozen drawers and a double shelf add up to abundant storage in a compact space. Combine it with the Aramis Bookcase for plenty of extra storage space.

Snapshot of the Month: January 2016

Snapshot of the Month: January 2016

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If you haven't been following up with us on our social media -- here is what you missed this month! Click each photo to view the original post. Leave us a comment or give us a like, we love hearing from you! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest if you want to see more.  À bientôt!





Classics never go out of style: Black and White

Classics never go out of style: Black and White

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When in doubt this timeless color scheme is effortless and chic. The simplicity of this classic combination accentuates the beauty of clean lines and forms, at once harmonious and eye-catching. Play up this theme by going full monochrome or simply add a graphic piece for a bold statement.

French Heritage Duval Console
The traditional console is reinvigorated with a crisp black-and-white harlequin finish to contrast with a warm cherry top.

French Heritage Duval Coffee Table
Classical lines can look surprisingly modern in contemporary settings when theyre adorned with chic black and white. A cherry wood top and gentle distressing keep the mood warm.

French Heritage Umbria Neoclassic Chest
Bring artwork to your home in a new way from Florence, Italy. The special hand-laid decoupage finish presents a neo-classical urn in unexpected modern detail on this classic black-matte chest with perfectly paired tear drop pulls.

French Heritage Montrevel Commode/Chest
Black and white formality gets a rakish touch from the harlequin pattern on this 2-drawer Louis-style commode. Silver ormolu lends flourish to a piece that will never blend into the woodwork.

French Heritage Veneto Chest
The black-matte finish brings the hand-laid decoupage to life. Made in Florence, Italy, this neo-classic chest with lattice pattern on top and classic silhouettes on front is nothing less than modernly classic.

French Heritage Romille Commode/Chest
Rich black and white color and gilded ornaments heighten the sense of historic fashion this piece lends any setting.

French Heritage Boule Gueridon
This charming tripod legged table was known as a Gueridon table, often used to hold a candlestick or vase. They were often circular, with the top supported by a center column. Our version of this legendary table displays a black base, ivory center column and striking golden top with black banding.

French Heritage Composers Table
A lyrical table that is just the thing for tea in the music room or an accent in the library. Four of historys greatest composers are silhouetted amid a graphic black and white pattern; scores and instruments enhance the theme. This musical number is truly a unique French piece.

French Heritage Danmark Chair
Bring the Mid-Century Modern look to your space in this occasional chair covered in a nice slub linen blend fabric with detailed tufted back and contrasting black tapered legs.

French Heritage Calminius Bookcase
With glass on top to show off and wood on the bottom to stash, three levels of sliding panels let you access as needed. A natural wood finish inside and a black and white paint finish outside help create a singular world in this bookcase.

Trending for 2016

Trending for 2016

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The layering of prints and textures continue to be wildly popular in both fashion and interior design. Tribal prints, tropical motifs, and exotic textures are among the top trending designs for 2016. The beauty of picking and choosing from different design styles is in ending with a space that is uniquely you. This year we will see an eclectic array of trends so embrace and explore your personal style by mixing influences, colorways and forms. Have fun with the details including bold patterns, whimsical accents, and lavish textures.

Exotic Animal Textures and Prints

French Heritage Pierre Sofa
This classic French sofa features a hand-carved woodframe detailed for a dramatic statement in any finish.

French Heritage Rouen Arm Chair
Formal meets fauna with hand-painted leopard hide in a classic upholstered Louis arm chair with the unexpected croc finish.

Tribal and Ethnic Patterns

French Heritage Louis XVI Upholstered Loveseat
This classic settee featuring hand-carved detailing in a hand-rubbed finish gets a chic update for todays lifestyles.

French Heritage Auteuil Sofa
The Auteuil Sofa is gorgeous in silhouette and fabrication. The 19th Century form with dramatic fabrication and classic finish is the epitome of glamour.

French Heritage Auteuil Chair
The Auteuil Chair is well bred in form and fabrication. Its exposed frame features delicate carvings.

French Heritage Trocadero Arm Chair
A contemporary version of a barrel chair, it features a beautiful clean lined silhouette and an exposed-wood frame in the finish of your choice.

Tropical Motifs

French Heritage Marceau Chair
Bench-made upholstery at its best, the Marceau Chair features the fabric of your choosing. Classic lines and a streamlined style unite for a chic look that works anywhere.

French Heritage Moselle Side Chair
East meets west when Chippendale goes bamboo. Sidechair is crafted of carved wood to look like bamboo. Makes a knockout accent item as well. Available as an arm chair also.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Harris. Unique Expressions in Aluminum.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Harris. Unique Expressions in Aluminum.

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If you've taken a tour of our main showroom in High Point, the brilliant colors of Scott Harris' work have probably caught your eye. In several of our rooms Harris' paintings add intrigue and color, effortlessly complementing many different ambiances.

Harris elevates traditional painting by using industrial-style cuts of aluminum as his canvas, the result is exceptionally three-dimensional color that captures all of the light and attention in a room. While studying art at Brevard College in the mountains of North Carolina, Harris discovered that the reflective quality of aluminum added richness and movement to his art. Thirteen years later he continues to learn new techniques and hone his craft.

Scott Harris is based in Greensboro and is the owner of Harris Design Studios. He has been featured in several publications including Carolina Home and Gardens, and you can find his work in galleries and commercial spaces throughout the southeast.

View more of his original work at, and follow Scott's Facebook and Twitter for updates.


Featured Blogger: Tamara Matthews-Stephenson

Featured Blogger: Tamara Matthews-Stephenson

Nest by Tamara

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We are thrilled to have Tamara Matthews-Stephenson covering French Heritage during Fall High Point Market (October 17-22). High Point Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. Follow Nest by Tamara for exclusive coverage of French Heritage’s newest "Modernly Classic" introductions during market.

Tamara Matthews-Stephenson is a NYC residential interior designer, freelance writer, author of popular design blog Nest by Tamara and co-owner product designer of home fabric company Root Cellar Designs.

Since 2008, Tamara has penned popular lifestyle blog Nest by Tamara where she writes stories about interior design, entertaining, travel and cooking. Nest by Tamara was voted #1 design blog by design site Modenus’ Top 100 design blogs in 2014. In 2015, Tamara has had over 750,000 page views on Nest by Tamara, and she is often invited on press visits around the world to cover the latest in design.

In addition to managing her design business and writing her daily blog, she also regularly contributes editorials to a variety of publications on the same subjects. She writes the East End Nest column for Dan’s Papers magazine in the Hamptons, and has been on assignment and published with NYC&G, Traditional Home, Trad Home, The Daily Front Row, New York Spaces, Today’s Equestrian, Venu and more.

Follow Tamara Matthews-Stephenson at
and on social media:

Featured Blogger: Carmen Natschke

Featured Blogger: Carmen Natschke

The Decorating Diva

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We are thrilled to have Carmen Natschke covering French Heritage during Fall High Point Market (October 17-22). High Point Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. Follow The Decorating Diva for exclusive coverage of French Heritage’s newest "Modernly Classic" introductions during market.

Carmen Natschke is the founder, creative director and main writer of the internationally acclaimed design portal The Decorating Diva. Her passion for beautiful design enables her to travel the globe as a lifestyle and design expert as she shares her love of art, architecture, design, and trends with thousands of fans around the world.

The Decorating Diva is an effort that melds Carmen’s many skills, including software engineering (which found her participating in a project on the NASA space shuttle launch control system); retail boutique design and visual merchandising (for which she won a “Silver Award for Visual Merchandising”); and a design instructor teaching diverse workshops from decorative finishes to color theory to design history.

Carmen has grown a small, luxury interiors and lifestyle niche blog with a minor social media presence into a powerful platform that now boasts over six million impressions monthly and continues to grow in influence and market share.

Follow Carmen Natschke at
and on social media:

"Modernly Classic" at Fall High Point Market Oct. 17 - 22

"Modernly Classic" at Fall High Point Market Oct. 17 - 22

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French Heritage invites interior design professionals and retailers to come take a tour of our main showroom located at 1638 English Rd, High Point, NC 27262.

Discover French Heritage’s newest "Modernly Classic" introductions and experience French Heritage’s distinct Joie-de-Vivre and hospitality. We will have delightful aperitifs, hors d'oeuvres and gourmet food prepared throughout the day by our Cordon Bleu trained chef, Blake Elsinghorst.

For transportation to our showroom:
Call for shuttle 336-885-2868
Go Anywhere Shuttle 336-887-7433

For an appointment at market please contact Justin either by phone (336-882-3565) or email (

You're invited! Meet and Greet Wine Party with Taylor van der Mandele, October 20th

You're invited! Meet and Greet Wine Party with Taylor van der Mandele, October 20th

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French Heritage is thrilled to welcome Taylor van der Mandele, President of AMS Imports, into their showroom for the upcoming High Point Market. For the first time we will be beautifully enhancing our showroom with almost thirty Unique Area Rugs from around the world in collaboration with AMS Imports.  

"There is nothing quite as wonderful as beautiful rugs to bring out the value of exquisite caseloads.” said Henessy Wayser, President of French Heritage. “We are very excited to have Taylor and AMS Imports in our Showroom this market."

French Heritage invites interior design professionals and retailers to attend a Meet and Greet Wine Party with Taylor on October 20, 2015 between 4 – 6 PM. Come join us for a lovely evening at 1638 English Road, High Point, NC 27262. Taylor will be giving a special presentation about Custom Design Area Rugs.

Taylor van der Mandele is the President of AMS Imports.  She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science and received her MBA from University of Massachusetts Amherst.  She comes from a family that took great interest in rugs and textiles, which primed her for a career in the flooring industry.  She continues to travel to various countries searching for new rugs and tapestries to bring to the US market.

AMS Imports, Inc. specializes in bringing unique area rugs, tapestries, pillows, and other home accessories to the American Market. Having been a pioneer since 1980, AMS has searched the globe for innovative and different products. It was through an organization called Aid to Artisans that helps people in underdeveloped countries bring their handmade products to importers that AMS Imports began sourcing rugs from countries around the world.  AMS Imports has collections from all over including Jordan, Peru, Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Uzbekistan, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, Columbia, Morocco, Scotland, and the USA.  The company prides itself in the uniqueness and quality of its products, as well as its support of artisans throughout the world. For information, visit

FRENCH HERITAGE redefining hospitality at ASID Conference

FRENCH HERITAGE redefining hospitality at ASID Conference

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The ASID conference begins tomorrow and French Heritage will be at the rendez-vous to unveil their new online catalog.

During this year's conference ASID will be "REDEFINING HOSPITALITY" with multidisciplinary lectures on the future of hospitality design. Speakers will be discussing a variety of topics from well-being focused interior design to green communities, and of course French Heritage will be making a presentation!

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), a premier organization for interior design professionals, promotes the advancement of the interior design profession through education, conferences, community outreach, and more.

Join us September 18th - 19th in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the Grande Dunes Marriott.

You just might get a VIP preview our latest collection! À bientôt!

What’s New at French Heritage

What’s New at French Heritage

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At the last Highpoint Furniture Market, Joann and I were fortunate to receive an inside perspective on the small company offering BIG customization – French Heritage. I was so enamored by the Cordoba Parquetry Table at Highpoint, I immediately ordered one for my new house!  Now the factory has created a customized bench for me to match it so that I can have a mix of seating options at my table. 

The table has a stone inlay in a quatrefoil shape on the top and a  “W” trestle base. Yup – this was a must have for me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.34.49 PM

I thought I’d ask Gary Edge, VP of Sales and Marketing, what the company has been up to since we spoke at market.

Gary mentioned  that “the design business continues to strengthen. We are especially pleased with the fact that designers are using us even more for custom projects….. The fact that we are a heritage company that is small enough to provide the services of a 21st Century Atelier has increased our sales and partner base since the last Market.  There is no denying that the general buzz out there, as we all deal with a business that has seen significant changes in the last few years, is customization. We are seeing this not only in custom sizing or finishes, but also in the mix of styles.”

So I had to ask….what customized products have other designers been requesting??

The Payson Farm Table in a white wash finish (that will look so good!)


The Passy Wing Eastern Bed has been ordered not only with the gold leaf finish, but also upholstered in metallic gold leather. WOW!


The Bercy Library System which was introduced at Market has been a hit. It is free standing but has all the presence and quality of custom millwork. (Special side note: French Heritage takes full responsibility for the installation!)  One order came in recently for this system to be customized in limed oak with white lacquer (I would LOVE that).


The Chenonceau Bookcase has been ordered with interior lighting and the shelves in glass. I really believe that customization is what separates the good designers from the great designers.


I’m excited to hear that French Heritage is doing so well and working hand in hand with the design trade to create truly beautiful one of a kind pieces.

Look for photos of my gorgeous dining room in a few months!


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French Heritage launches App for Ipad

French Heritage launches App for Ipad

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We're happy to announce that French Heritage has launched an eCat App for Ipad. We hope our new app will facilitate sales and support reps and designers by offering the latest product information, prices, and photography at your fingertips. Available for free download in the Apple App Store.

High Point Market "Macaroons and the Joy of Living" "Joie de Vivre"

High Point Market "Macaroons and the Joy of Living" "Joie de Vivre"

You're Invited!

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French heritage would like to extend an invitation to our Market Event, "Macaroons and the Joy of Living" "Joie de Vivre", Sunday Evening October 19th at 6:00 p.m. in our main showroom bistro. Join us for great food, champagne, and wonderful company while you enjoy an entertaining and informative presentation/ discussion on how emotions and furnishings impact and influence our society. We will portray through designed interiors, the emotions of 5 predominant Cultural Archetypes of today, "Feminine Femme, Manly Man, Glamorous Glam, Entitled Barbarian, and Twenty First Century Shaman". Falcon, senior partner of The House of NyghtFalcon, whose eclectic background includes information technology, biblical theology and artistic photography will lead the discussion.

High Point Furniture Market "Forever French", April 5-10

High Point Furniture Market "Forever French", April 5-10

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Experience "Forever French" at the French Heritage showroom located at 1638 English Rd, High Point, NC 27262.

High Point Furniture Market- "You Dream It Up...We Bring It To Life"

High Point Furniture Market- "You Dream It Up...We Bring It To Life"

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October 13-18, 2012
Please visit our showroom at 1638 English Road and Salon at Market Suites Booth M-8029

High Point Furniture Market, April 18-25 2013

High Point Furniture Market, April 18-25 2013

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Jewels for the Home. Dazzling Designs Distinctive to French Heritage

Americasmart Atlanta Show, January 10-15, 2013

Americasmart Atlanta Show, January 10-15, 2013

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Come visit French Heritage at HD Home Builing 1 Booth 4!

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