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The many images, memories and hours spent in homes of French friends and family throughout France is the inspiration for Maison. No matter if we are in the south of France or Normandy, Bordeaux or Alsace, each home reflects the passions and personalities of the wonderful people who live in them. Their "Maison" is each family's castle in the simplest sense of protection and comfort with the informal ease that comes from being lived in and completely enjoyed. The eclectic mix of pieces treasured from past generations, with the newest acquisition from their latest trips and favorite pastimes, give each home the distinct uniqueness equal only to the individuals. Their Maison is a reflection of themselves. The pieces in this collection are made with quality craftsmanship, hand-carving, hand-rubbed finishes, veneer and solid wood construction.

Quality crafted eclectic furniture made in Asia with custom finishing in the US. Stocked in the USA for immediate delivery.

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SKU: M-1546-401-LCIV
SKU: M-1502-421-SAGR
SKU: M-1502-413-IVBL
SKU: M-1502-401-SLGY
SKU: M-1544-1002-CRO
SKU: M-FL39-199-IVO
SKU: M-1727-201-LTC
SKU: M-7228-101-TAN
SKU: M-8704-221-IBGB
SKU: M-FL53-601-BLK
SKU: M-FL53-601-VBO
SKU: M-8704-217-GLD
SKU: M-8704-217-SLV
SKU: M-7521-202-BLK
SKU: M-7521-202-WAL
SKU: M-8704-212-BLK
SKU: M-8704-212-IVO
SKU: M-8704-212-SLV
SKU: M-8704-212-VBO
SKU: M-8704-214-GLD
SKU: M-2547-1101-BAS
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SKU: M-8704-114-DKRO
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SKU: M-1502-408-LAP
SKU: M-2102-401-IVO
SKU: M-2102-401-VCSH
SKU: M-2102-401-BLK
SKU: M-2106-401-ANBK
SKU: M-2106-401-IVO
SKU: M-2112-201-BLK
SKU: M-1742-101-IBGB
SKU: M-1502-405-BKGL
SKU: M-1544-403-BKGL
SKU: M-8704-106-GLD
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SKU: M-8704-215-YEL
SKU: M-8704-215-SIL
SKU: M-8704-218-GLD
SKU: M-8704-218-SLV
SKU: M-1502-401-PINK
SKU: M-1727-202-LTC
SKU: M-2520-1221-TBRM
SKU: M-1502-404-LCIV
SKU: M-1529-401-ANT
SKU: M-FL41-204-BKVI
SKU: M-FL49-082B-BKR
SKU: M-FL49-082-BKR
SKU: M-FL49-082C-BKR
SKU: M-FL49-082D-BKR
SKU: M-FL49-082E-BEI
SKU: M-FL50-082C-BEI
SKU: M-FL50-082C-BKR
SKU: M-1502-405-ZEB
SKU: M-2520-1108-TBRM
SKU: M-2559-1207-CBAI
SKU: M-2559-1207-MAL
SKU: M-2559-1207-TBL
SKU: M-2519-101-CBAI
SKU: M-2527-1203-CBAI
SKU: M-2526-1201-TBAI
SKU: M-2528-1203-CBAI
SKU: M-2528-1203-TBAI
SKU: M-2536-1201-TBAI
SKU: M-2549-1201-TBRH
SKU: M-2559-1208-CBAI
SKU: M-2525-1202-TBRM
SKU: M-2527-002-CBAI
SKU: M-2527-002-TBRM
SKU: M-2547-1101-VAS
SKU: M-2527-201-GL
SKU: M-2528-201-GL
SKU: M-2528-201-SLV
SKU: M-2559-1209-TBRH
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SKU: M-2525-1103-CBRH
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SKU: M-2525-1103-TBRH
SKU: M-2527-1104-ASP
SKU: M-2528-1104-ASP
SKU: M-2521-1201-TBRM
SKU: M-3027-1202-WEPR
SKU: M-1220-1221-VASG
SKU: M-7070-2138-MGLD
SKU: M-1320-103-GLD
SKU: M-2520-1108-SMH
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SKU: M-2436-1001-BLK
SKU: M-7528-201-WAL
SKU: M-2428-1001-BLK
SKU: M-2428-1001-LOK
SKU: M-3059-1201-WEPR